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About CMS in general

Can I embed keywords in search engine measures?

You can set common keywords for the entire site.
It is also possible to individually set free pages, topics articles, and blog entries.
*If you need to set each URL, please use the metadata module.

If you use the Enter key to start a new line, the space between lines will be too large. Is it possible to start a new line without leaving a space between lines?

If you press only the [Enter] key, the paragraph will change, so there will be space between lines. If you want to make a line break within the same paragraph, hold down [Shift] and press [Enter] to start a line break, and the line will be broken without opening the space between lines.

About topics

Is it possible to rearrange the display order of topics articles?

Articles are displayed in order of creation date and time.
The creation date and time can be set in units of 5 minutes, so if you want to specify the display order, change the creation date and time of the article.
The order of articles with the same date and time cannot be changed arbitrarily.

About blog

How do I know if a comment or trackback has been posted?

If you have set your blog's email settings to send an email when a comment is posted or a trackback is received, the email address you set will be contacted.
If you have set comments and trackbacks to be public after censorship, right-click on the blog you want to manage and select [Blog] → [Comment management] or [Trackback management] from the shortcut menu that appears. To do.