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Delivery is done at [delivery hall]. Please use this too.

A takeout menu is available. Please feel free to use!

*It may take some time depending on the situation. If you are in a hurry, please contact us in advance.

Takeaway menu

Roll (hot or cold)

  • Korodon 700 yen
  • Meat Korodon 880 yen
  • Chikuten korodon 880 yen
  • Dogobo Tenkorodon 880 yen
  • Tororo Korodon 880 yen
  • Menta Tororo Korodon 950 yen
  • Chicken fillet Tenkorodon 1,000 yen

Dashi (hot)

  • Kake udon 550 yen
  • Udon udon 800 yen
  • Kasuma Udon 880 yen
  • Nikukasu udon 1,000 yen
  • Kitsune Udon 650 yen
  • Naruto wakame udon 680 yen
  • Dogobo Ten Udon 880 yen
  • Meat udon 850 yen
  • An curry udon 800 yen
  • Curry udon rice 880 yen


  • Bukkake udon
    (Hot/cold) 650 yen
  • Grated bukkake udon
    (Hot/cold) 700 yen
  • Chicken breast fillet bukkake
    (Hot/cold) 900 yen
Commitment to udon

It uses Kintoun, the highest peak in ASW.
"Kintoun" is a wheat that has a beautiful appearance and a delicious taste, with the most distinctive feature being the brilliant color and texture of the udon noodles.

Features of Kintoun
  • Yellowish tone and dullness
  • Crispy, sticky, succulent texture
Origin of the name

The symbol "gold" is used to symbolize "yellow and clear color tone" and "the highest peak of our udon powder". It is said that "Kintoun" is included in the naming, "U" and "to" are rearranged, and it is called "Kintoun".


One push menu

"Kurodon" is a very popular menu for eating udon!

The scented soup is made with home-made aroma-exposed juice, topped with tempura, flower bonito, Oita-produced orchid, wasabi lemon, domestic porridge, and domestic green onion to create a generous volume.

Please try our specialty udon!

What is Koro Udon

Unlike normal soup stock, it is called "Koro", abbreviated as "Koro" because the flavor of the dashi stock matches the richness of the soup, and is mainly used for cooking udon and kishimen. It is a udon that can be eaten in the Chubu region.

Kura-udon 3
Kura-udon 1


Eating udon

3-6-17 Sakaemachi-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo 650-0023

  • Phone number 078-381-7069
  • Business hours 11:30~15:00
    (End when sold out)
  • No fixed holiday
  • 18 seats
    (Counter 6 seats Table 12 seats)
  • Cash/PayPay/Melpay/d payment

Born in Tokyo, worked at a restaurant in Ginza, was impressed by the word "food is life" at the age of 20, and studied natural food for one year at Samba in Tanba without any compensation, at liquor, yakitori restaurant, Japanese restaurant After 15 years of training, in May 2013 he opened a udon restaurant in Motomachi, Kobe.