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"Creaid" currently has the following plans.
Please select the plan that matches the website you want to create.
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List of price plans

planInitial costMonthly amount (yen)
basic plan

Domain acquisition fee / server registration fee / system initial setup fee / CMS usage method 50000 ~

Moving planData transfer from existing site 10P 100000-10000
Complete original planOriginal production plan up to 10P 200,000~10000


In addition to the above plans, the following options are available.
By combining options with the basic plan, you can create a more original homepage. There are many options other than the following.

optionContentProduction cost
EC+Credit payment function can be registered on the WEB shopping site・EC module function restriction release1000 ~
EC + recommended plan

Above + original SSL / WEB server capacity 100GB (recommended for customers with many products)

SEO TunersThe effect is outstanding! Real-time diagnosis of search engine countermeasures and advice from CMS28,000 monthly

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